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Legal Framework and Risk Management for People Management & Workplace Relations in the Public sector

Tuesday, February 13th, 2024

12 & 13 June, People Management and  Workplace  Relations  Summit,  Rex Hotel, Canberra. 150 Northbourne  Aveneue, Braddon ACT.

Employee relations

After 12 successful summits, Learning Network Solutions is proud to present its 13th annual “People Management and Workplace Relations’ summit with all current and evolving issues. Public sector executives from Federal, State/Territory and Local Government will be in attendance. The workplace relations and industrial Relations landscape is ever changing and public sector organisations need to manage and navigate these changes and the workplace risks that arise due to these changes. With new policy, economic, legal and legislative changes and reforms, HR and People Management professionals are faced with new workplace challenges. Backed up by a diverse and experienced panel of presenters and new sessions and format, the summit will address the changes to the workplace relations legislations and laws and how they impact with the operational and policy development with regards to public sector people management, health & safety. It will also spell out relevant and detailed strategies in implementing these changes in the most efficient and productive manner. It will also analyse various risks and strategies to manage and mitigate the same.

We are committed to provide value for money for our delegates through relevant and good quality summits. Our delegates can take advantage of team discounts and unchanged registration prices.  CPD points apply and you can claim 1 point for every 1 hour of attendance.

Who Should Attend:  Directors, Managers, Senior Officers, Coordinators and others involved with

*HRM/People Management   *Workplace Relations/Employee Relations  *Industrial  Relations

*Workplace Health and Safety   * Workplace Diversity  * Legal Advisory Roles

 Please  feel free  to  contact   us  on  info@learningnetworks.com.au   for  any  further  information.

Legal Framework and Risk Management for Managing Government Contracts and Procurement

Thursday, July 27th, 2023

12& 13  October, Pavilion on Northbourne

Image result for procurement and contracts

24th  Annual  Public  Sector Contracts  and Procurement  Summit.



Government Procurement- Legal Framework and Risk Management for Contracts and Procurement _2023_Brochure


Legal Framework For ICT Security in the Public Sector

Friday, April 14th, 2023

2 Day  Summit, dates: TBA,  Cliftons  Centre, Canberra.

VLATACOM and Vladimir Cizelj Help Governments Improve ICT Security - IMC Grupo

Unique  2  day  summit  addressing  the  impact  of  the  legal  framework  on  ICT security   in the  Public  Sector. Please  contact  us  for  more information.

Email: info@learningnetworks.com.au      Tel: 02-95807327



Legal Framework for People Management and Workplace Relations in the Public Sector

Monday, December 12th, 2022

23 & 24  May 2023, Cliftons Centre, Canberra

New Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations revealed | HRD Australia

12th annual “People Management  and  Workplace  Relations  Summit”

Past  events  sold out!

Download the   agenda

Legal Framework for People Management and Workplace Relations in the Public Sector _2023_Canberra

For more  information  email  info@learningnetworks.com.au  or  call 02-95807327

Legal Framework For Managing Public Sector Procurement and Contracts in the Modern Economy

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

27& 28  October, Cliftons Centre, Canberra

Contract Management in Procurement: Best Strategies To Know About

22nd  Annual  Public Sector  Contracts  and  Procurement  Summit

Learning Network Solutions is proud to present this 22nd annual public sector contracts and procurement management summit. Backed by a highly experienced and diverse speaking panel, the summit will address relevant contract and procurement management strategies to meet the challenges of the modern economy. It will address the total impact of the legal framework, policy and technology on public sector contracts and procurement.

All sessions are current and developed specially for public sector professionals involved with various aspects of procurement, contracts, finance   and legal. We have incorporated all feedback from the previous summit.

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of this summit then please contact our Program Manager, Mohammed Khatri on 02-95852304 or email  info@learningnetworks.com.au

Thank you for your time and we look forward to welcome you at the summit.

Who Should Attend: Directors, Managers and Officers from the Public sector involved with:

  • Procurement
  • Contracts
  • Vendor Management
  • Finance
  • Legal advisory


Legal Framework for Managing Information and Records Management in the Public Sector

Monday, July 4th, 2022

12& 13 October,  Cliftons  Centre, Canberra

8th Annual,  Public  Sector  Information and  Records  Management  Conference.

The creation and management of records has always been of great significance for organisations. The records management landscape has changed and with it come a range of risks and challenges both from an operational and legal perspective. With the rise of the digital content and its volume, these challenges have become ever more complex and the how effectively information and records are managed is paramount to the success of any organization and the public sector departments are not an exception.

Information and records management executives in the public sector need to be aware about the impact of the legal and legislative framework on the record keeping processes and how these significantly impact the operational and technological aspects of records management. Learning Network Solutions is proud to present this summit with new, relevant and key topics that are rarely addressed at other records management events. B

The summit has been well received in the past and has an excellent track record. It is targeted towards non-legal and legal professional in the public sector involved with various aspects of information and records management.

Please  contact  us  for  more  information.


Legal and Risk Management For Managing Contracts and Procurement in the Public Sector

Friday, March 19th, 2021

2 day Summit, 29 and 30 November (2021), Cliftons Centre, Canberra

We are  proud  to organise  our  most prolific summit  for the  21st time  with all new  sessions and  addressing new  and relevant issues pertaining to Government Contracts  and Procurement. Please  feel free  to contact us  for more  information regarding this  summit.


Legal Framework For People Management & Workplace Relations In The Public Sector- Canberra

Wednesday, March 17th, 2021

2 Day Conference, 29 and 30 November, Clifton Canberra

Experts' Table: 8 Directions for Learning Leaders - TTA Blog

New  Sessions and New  Issues

We are  proud to present this  11th National Summit developed  for  Public Sector Executives involved with various  aspects of:

  • People and HR Management
  • Employee and Workplace Relations
  • Legal Advisory Roles

 Download the  agenda

Legal Framework for People Management and Workplace Relations in the Public Sector_Canberra

Operational and Legal Framework For Information & Records Management in the Public Sector

Friday, January 31st, 2020

Image result for records manageent

22& 23 September, Cliftons Centre, Canberra

Back by demand, with all new topics and  sessions  over  2 days.

2 day Summit addressing the impact of  current legislation and legal framework on information and records management in the  public sector.

Past event  sold out!


Please  contact us  if you need any further information.

Opportunities and Challenges for Public Sector EA’s and PA’s

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

26& 27 February 2020, Cliftons Centre, Canberra

18th annual event with a stellar track record. 2 day separately bookable summit backed up by an excellent speaking panel with novel content and strategies.

Opportunities and Challenges For Executive Assistants in the Public Sector_Canberra