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Here are a few comments of delegates attending our various seminars/conferences in 2018. For more testimonials on  all our other events, please contact us on 02-9852304

• Good spread of topics and very thoughtfully crafted summit, Assistant Director Procurement, Department of Jobs and Small Business
• Gained new information and being provided a different view of some of the topics- Assistant Director Contracts, Department of Defence
• A lot of different speakers with different experiences and variety of topics, Assistant Director ICT, Australian Research Council
• Very Informative and interesting topics – Contracts and procurement Adviser, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
• High level of expertise from presenters providing confidence in information provided- Assistant Director, Vendor Management, Department of Agriculture
• The information provided was useful and the resource notes were extremely useful, Senior ICT officer, ACIC
• Excellent speakers, discussions and examples – Procurement and Contracts Manager, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
• The most beneficial aspect was getting a greater understanding from a legal perspective, Senior Procurement, Australian Taxation Office
• The most beneficial aspect of the conference was the practical application of contract law in improving the overall performance of contracts management using practical approaches to procurement – Sr. Contracts & Procurement Officer, Department of Home Affairs

• Learning different approaches lawyers take for certain government procurement issues, ICT Officer, Digital Transformation Agency
• The breadth of content and useful and practical examples throughout provided many ‘take -homes’, Government Lawyer, Department of Human Services
• • Gained new information and being provided a different view of some of the topics- Assistant Director, Department of Defence
• A very good mix of practical and legal issues-Senior Government Lawyer, Department of Employment
• Very Informative and interesting topics – Contracts and procurement Adviser, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
• The diversity and experience of presenters and their ability to give practical advice and direction was most beneficial – Deputy Director Commercial, Defence Materiel Organisation
• Good coverage of processes and framework- Project Manager, Panel Services, Australian Public Service Commission
• High level of expertise from presenters providing confidence in information provided- Assistant Director Records, Department of Agriculture
• Good content, relevance and case studies- Sr Manager, Records and Information, Comcare
• Good in depth case studies and analysis of current issues-Sr. Legal Officer, Department of Environment
• Excellent speakers, discussions and examples – Procurement and Contracts Manager, AusAID
• Good refresher and case studies were very thought provoking and beneficial – Manager Contracting and Procurement, CASA