Legal Framework for Managing Information and Records Management in the Public Sector

12& 13 October,  Cliftons  Centre, Canberra

8th Annual,  Public  Sector  Information and  Records  Management  Conference.

The creation and management of records has always been of great significance for organisations. The records management landscape has changed and with it come a range of risks and challenges both from an operational and legal perspective. With the rise of the digital content and its volume, these challenges have become ever more complex and the how effectively information and records are managed is paramount to the success of any organization and the public sector departments are not an exception.

Information and records management executives in the public sector need to be aware about the impact of the legal and legislative framework on the record keeping processes and how these significantly impact the operational and technological aspects of records management. Learning Network Solutions is proud to present this summit with new, relevant and key topics that are rarely addressed at other records management events. B

The summit has been well received in the past and has an excellent track record. It is targeted towards non-legal and legal professional in the public sector involved with various aspects of information and records management.

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