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Legal Framework For Grants and Funding Agreements in the Public Sector

29 and 30 August,  Vandenberg Room, Level2, 121 Marcus Clarke St

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11th National Grants and Funding Summit

Learning Network Solutions’ is proud to present this 11th National Grants and Funding Public Sector Summit developed for both the non-legal and legal professionals involved with various aspects of grants and funding. It will address current and relevant discussions pertaining to management of grants and funding programs in the public sector.

Who Should Attend?

Directors, Senior Managers, Managers and Officers with responsibilities for:

 * Grants and Funding
 * Finance and Reporting
 * Program Management
 * Contracts Management
 * Legal Advisory Role

Legal Framework for Records Management in the Public Sector 2018

7th August, Cliftons Centre, Canberra.

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A unique one day summit addressing the  impact of the  legal framework on information and records management in the  public sector

This  is the  6th  public  sector  record  management summit that  is developed  for  professionals in the  public sector  involved  with:

  • Records Management
  • Information Management
  • FOI
  • Legal advisory roles

Please  contact us  for the  complete  agenda.

Legal Framework and Risk Management for Managing Public Sector Contracts and Procurement

21 & 22  November, Cliftons Centre, Canberra

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This is amongst the most  attended  and  most  respected  summit on  Government  Contracts  and  Procurement  since   past decade.

Backed  up  by an  expert and  diverse  panel and  with 13 detailed  and  relevant sessions, a  new  format  and key discussions,  this  summit  is  the  most  comprehensive  and most  detailed  than all  the  other  past  summits and  conferences  before  this.

Please  contact us  for  team  bookings  and  other  information

Legal Framework and Risk Management for Managing Contracts and Procurement in the Public Sector


Legal Framework For Employment and Workplace Relations in the Public Sector

30 & 31  October 2017, Cliftons Centre, Canberra

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9th Annual Conference, all new  sessions  and a  new  format.

Learning Network Solutions is proud to present its 9th annual conference addressing the impact of the legal framework on people management, employment and workplace relations in public sector workplace.

Backed by an highly regarded speaking panel, this conference as those in the past has being developed for  both  the non-legal and legal professionals involved with various aspects of  employment and workplace relations  including  professionals involved with various aspects of HR management. All sessions are  new and will  address  key  issues  relevant to the  public  sector  workplace. The sessions will incorporate all  the current  changes  in  terms  of  both  the legislation and the legal principles that have a profound impact on the overall people  management function including  employment, workplace  relations,  employee performance, work  health and  safety.

Delegates can register for one or both days and take advantage of our generous discounts and flexible registration options.

Who Should Attend: Public sector professionals involved with:

  • Employee Management and Employee Relations
  • People Management/Human Resource Management
  • Workplace Relations
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Legal advisory

 Please  contact  us  for  the  complete  agenda.

Opportunities and Challenges for Public Sector Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants in the New Digital Age

26 & 27 June, Cliftons Centre, Canberra

The  most prolific summit with a   stellar  track record  is  back with  all  new  format  and  sessions  along-with an excellent  speaking  panel.

 After several successful conferences attended by hundreds of EAs and PAs, Learning Network Solutions is proud to present this 17th EA/PA Summit with all new sessions and format.  Backed up by an experienced and diverse speaking panel consisting of experienced EAs/PAs along with trained practitioners and experts, the Summit shall address the opportunities and challenges for EAs and PAs in the new digital age. It will explore and discuss key relevant issues faced by EAs and PAs in the current competitive and ever changing environment. The content of this Summit has been developed by seeking feedback from EAs and PAs, both from current research and feedback from previous Summits.

If you are looking for a professional course that has substance, a stellar track record and excellent networking opportunities with affordable investment and great value, then this Summit shall provide exactly what you are looking for.  Our programs are well researched and attended along with relevant content delivered by highly regarded and diverse speaking panels.

Some testimonials from past attendees:

  • The course gave me strategies and a better understanding of others- EA, Department of Social Services
  • The networking and strategies learnt will be beneficial to my role- EA, Department of Agriculture
  • Very well planned and delivered. I would recommend the course to others- EA, Australian Federal Police
  • I gained more out of the conference than I imagined- PA, Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • The conference covered everything I needed to know, thank you –EA, Department of Finance
  • Overall a very good experience and I learnt a lot- EA, Department of Defence
  • Very uplifting course and as good as last time– EA, Department of Finance
  • What I have learnt will help me in my future personal growth– EA, Department of Human Services
  • Presenters were engaging, relevant subject matter and great content– EA, Australian Federal Police
  • I learnt a lot about how to make my day extraordinary- EA, ACT Health
  • Some great ideas, very inspirational and motivational– EA, Department of Defence
  • Great course– EA, Deloitte
  • Provided a lot of useful and important information- PA, Australian Taxation Office


Opportunities & Challenges for Public Sector EAs and PAs in the New Digital Age

Please  contact  us  for  any  further  assistance.



Managing Financial and Procurement Fraud in the Public Sector

20 & 21  September,  Cliftons  Centre,  Canberra

New and  improved   conference  developed  specially  for  public  sector   executives   involved   with:

  • Financial Management
  • Procurement  Management
  • Contracts  Management
  • Audit Management
  • Legal  Advisory  Roles

Addressing  impact  of  the  legal  framework to manage financial and  procurement fraud  in  the  public  sector.

Download  the  Program    Financial and Procurement Fraud Conference_Canberra


Legal Framework for Managing Financial and Procurement Fraud

September 20 & 21, Cliftons Centre, Canberra

Financial Fraud Watch- GAW Miners

New and relevant sessions over 2 days of high quality presentations addressing the legal framework to manage risks due  to fraud in  financial and  procurement  management.

Please  contact  us  for  the  agenda.


Opportunities and Challenges for EAs and PAs in the Public Sector

10 & 11 June,  Pavillion on Northbourne , Canberra

New program with all new sessions, opportunities and challenges. Excellent value and proven track record.

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Legal Framework and Better Practices For Developing and Managing Contracts in the Public Sector

19th and 20th August, Cliftons Centre, Canberra

15th Annual Contracts Management Conference for Public Sector Professionals ( legal and non- legal) involved with various aspects of Contracts and Procurement.

Addressing better practices and the governance , performance and accountability requirements in managing contracts. All new sessions and an expert and highly regarded speaking panel.

Please contact us for the complete agenda.

Legal Framework For Employment & Workplace Relations in the Public Sector

1 and 2 May, Cliftons Centre, Canberra

After previous 4 sold out events, Learning Network Solutions is proud to present its 5th annual event specifically developed for professionals working in the public sector and involved with:

  • Workplace Relations
  • Employee Relations
  • People Management
  • Industrial Relations
  • Legal advisory roles

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