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Opportunities and Challenges for Public Sector Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants in the New Digital Age

August 2019, Cliftons Centre, Canberra

The  most prolific summit with a   stellar  track record  is  back with  all  new  format  and  sessions  along-with an excellent  speaking  panel.

 After several successful conferences attended by hundreds of EAs and PAs, Learning Network Solutions is proud to present this 17th EA/PA Summit with all new sessions and format.  Backed up by an experienced and diverse speaking panel consisting of experienced EAs/PAs along with trained practitioners and experts, the Summit shall address the opportunities and challenges for EAs and PAs in the new digital age. It will explore and discuss key relevant issues faced by EAs and PAs in the current competitive and ever changing environment. The content of this Summit has been developed by seeking feedback from EAs and PAs, both from current research and feedback from previous Summits.

If you are looking for a professional course that has substance, a stellar track record and excellent networking opportunities with affordable investment and great value, then this Summit shall provide exactly what you are looking for.  Our programs are well researched and attended along with relevant content delivered by highly regarded and diverse speaking panels.

Some testimonials from past attendees:

  • The course gave me strategies and a better understanding of others- EA, Department of Social Services
  • The networking and strategies learnt will be beneficial to my role- EA, Department of Agriculture
  • Very well planned and delivered. I would recommend the course to others- EA, Australian Federal Police
  • I gained more out of the conference than I imagined- PA, Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • The conference covered everything I needed to know, thank you –EA, Department of Finance
  • Overall a very good experience and I learnt a lot- EA, Department of Defence
  • Very uplifting course and as good as last time– EA, Department of Finance
  • What I have learnt will help me in my future personal growth– EA, Department of Human Services
  • Presenters were engaging, relevant subject matter and great content– EA, Australian Federal Police
  • I learnt a lot about how to make my day extraordinary- EA, ACT Health
  • Some great ideas, very inspirational and motivational– EA, Department of Defence
  • Great course– EA, Deloitte
  • Provided a lot of useful and important information- PA, Australian Taxation Office


Opportunities & Challenges for Public Sector EAs and PAs in the New Digital Age

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