Legal Framework For Contract Management Excellence in the Public Sector

 25& 26 September-National Conference and 2oth Sept – Full day Pre- Conference  Master Classes

By far the most comprehensive event for public sector contracts and procurement. All new sessions and format with an excellent speaking faculty:

20th September:  Operational and legal considerations in performance based contracts

Please contact us for the complete agenda of the  Summit.


This is the 13th event on this topic and over the past 10 years hundreds of professionals from all levels of government have attended that makes it arguably the most respected  and reputable event in contracts and procurement. After a series of very successful conferences and seminars on this topic, we are proud to resent this major national summit for public sector professions involved with contracts and procurement.  Backed up by an exceptional speaking panel and will all new sessions, this summit is highly recommended for professionals involved with contracts and procurement in the public sector.

Download Program:13th National Summit_ Canberra_ Legal Framework for Procurement and Contracts Management

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